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Meet Bodi, he is one handsome boy!

Bodi is laid back, very smart and wants to please. He  likes car rides, awesome with kids and wants to be near his family. He has a comical personality!
He currently resides with  several Shepherds, 4# Chihuahua, barn cat, horses, ducks and chickens and does well with them.  
He behaves fine while out on a leash, he has been to obedience school, we take him into stores with us and most recently, we took him to the Trout Festival, Bodi loves to meet new people both young and old and everybody in between.

Bodi is a large male, he loves to play with anyone that will  play with him, and that means both the 2 legged and the 4 legged playmates.  Bodi is a beautiful blanket back, black and red, his black is inky black and his red is rich red pigment.