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<TTS> German Shepherds
P.O Box 356
Roscommon, Michigan 48653
Phone: (989) 275-6003
Cell: (989) 390-1271
                  Compassion if you show it they will learn it.  It is the same for animals as it is for children....


The cost of shipping a puppy anywhere in the United States is anywhere from 450.00 to 600.00 (depends on the size of puppy/dog being shipped) and what this incluedes is:

New Create- Intermediate Size (Nothing Smaller this is our standard not the airlines.  So the price to ship is more it goes by size of create not weight).

Why So Big?
Because a puppy should not be cramped in a tiny create so someone can save a few dollar's.

Health Certificate ( a must for comerical air travel in the United States)

Cost of Flight
Yes, We Do Ship Internationaly
The price to ship a puppy out of the United States is not the same for shipping in the U.S
We can not give a dollar amount as it will differ from country to country.

What will be included in the shipping cost when you are given a dollar amount.

New Create Large (usually) reason for a large size create the puppy is usually allot older when shipped the one we shipped was 5 months old before the German Providence would allow him to enter their country.  Shot's had to be finished and a rabies had to be in his system for 30 days then you are waiting for the USDA to send your paperwork back to you for the International Health Certificate.  You can fly to other states with this IF you ship within 10 days of getting the International Health Certificate from the Vet's.  Good luck getting the Government getting that certificate back to you within 10 days so now you need to get another Health Certificate to ship between states.  This is a pain in the bottom end BUT WE WILL DO IT ANYTIME FOR OUR SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN.
All required shot's (puppy shot's, rabies and any titures the country traveling to requires for your pet).
Cost of airfare
Kendra and Zues 
Baron (puppy) and Sascha
North Carolina
Ian his girlfriend with Mavrick
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Anthony and Trigger at Detroit Metro Airport Trigger going to Frankfort German
Trigger scared to death inside the cargo area.  We stayed with Trigger for 2 hours before his flight to Germany
Trigger outside with us at Detroit Metro he is getting more confortable with the noise's.
Trigger wanting something to drink so we got him some bottled water out of the vending machine
Trigger wanting Anthony to share his snack.  He is asking so nicely pleeeasee anthonly just a bit.
Alright buddy I'm not asking I want some of your snake
Trigger drinking his water and anthony eating at the airport
Trigger in his create getting ready to fly to Germany alert in his create
Trigger in Germany with his new girl what a pretty pair they make.
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Places we have shipped puppies too:  Colorado, Florida, Washington, Alaska, New Mexico, Canada, Germany and to the Middle East.