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<TTS> German Shepherds
P.O Box 356
Roscommon, Michigan 48653
Phone:(989) 275-6003
Cell: (989) 390-1271

<TTS> German Shepherds proudly offers a lifetime warranty on all puppies sold .If determined, by a veterinarian, that said puppy has any genetic problems that would preclude it from living an otherwise normal and healthy life, or in the case of hip evaluation, as determined by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA),  <TTS> German Shepherds will replace the puppy with another puppy of equal value. To get a replacement puppy you do NOT have to give the original puppy back.  This warranty is only for the original purchaser's of the puppy.

Resale Agreement

In the event, buyer is unable to keep the puppy/dog for any reason, he/she agrees to give <TTS> German Shepherds first option to take the puppy/dog back. In the event of a resale, the original buyer must notify <TTS> German Shepherds of the new owner's name, address, and phone number.

If any provision of the Agreement is or becomes void or unenforceable by force or operation of law, the other provisions shall remain valid and enforceable.

The entire Agreement between the parties is contained herein. In the event of a dispute, Michigan will have jurisdiction over the matter.

Our family has one of the puppies from Wendy's litters that was born on Dec 22,2011.Hope has been the most amazing pet we could have asked for .. Wendy's dogs are well mannered an absolutely gorgeous .. Wendy stands by her word .. A few years back we had our first puppy from her a puppy we named Mia we loved her with all our hearts .. Mia was poisoned on August 27,2011 we lost her .. The sadest my family has ever had . When Wendy found this out she felt horrible for our family and offered us a puppy when we were ready ..she takes care of her dogs better then anyone I have seen in along time .. I will alway recommend ttsgermansherpherds..
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E-Mail Received 10/26/09  From David Dee:

Hello Wendy  Since my first experience with you a year ago, when I purchased my male pup that I called "NOAH" from a litter between Gretta and Jerry Lee- I have  had nothing but the best of your help and provision.  As I kept in touch with you about Noah's 3 month problem with 'anal gland disease,'  my need to euthanize him because there was no cure that several veterinarian's tried but failed at.  You kindly walked me through that hard decision, and to my great surprise and joy, you offered me the great privilege of having the 'first pick' of the litter from Natalya and Jerry Lee.  When you told me that there would be 'NO' cost to me that I lost Noah- I was overwhelmed at your generosity!  Now that I have 'Shiloh'  and can see him developing into another wonderful GSD, with all of 'the right stuff,' I just wanted to thank you again.   Noah was such a great dog, it had nothing to do with your breeding of his parent's, and yet you provided me with a new puppy when I had to give him up.  WOW!  Keep up the super excellent GSD care, breeding, and new home placement - people who do business with you will always have you as the best friend on their side.  My esteem for you professionalism and personal customer care is top, top notch! Sincerely, David Dee
COMMENT'S FROM CHARLIE AND ASHLEY (GERMANY):  "TRIGGER" is doing great the first day he fell in love with his little girl and loves to play with the kids.  His second day he attended a party and played with all the kids they were having a great time bot "TIGGER" and the kids.  Thanks Wendy, Ashley and Charlie