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About Us          

First and Foremost we are not a kennel, we do not mass produce here.  We produced in 2008 14 puppies and in 2009 20 puppies.  We do not believe in quantity, we believe in quality.  Our  dogs are our pets first and our breeder's second we hold full time jobs to support our hobby of breeding German Shepherds.  We financially support our dogs.  THEY DO NOT SUPPORT US.  We  have been in the same location for over 44 year's and we have been breeding German Shepherds for over 12 year's now.  My family has  had German Shepherds for over 70 years we know German Shepherds and we love them.  We have owned American Show Line German Shepherds, DDR Working Lines, CZR Working Lines and the West German Conformation Lines.  We can tell you the difference between the different lines of German Shepherds because we've owned the different lines. We do not count on others to tell us what the difference between them is.  When we are asked about the different lines we speak of our experience with that line.  Not what others have said but what we have experienced for ourselves.

Our Families First GSD

My families first German Shepherd was my father's service dog in WWII.  At the end of the war the soldiers were asked if they wanted their service dogs, if they did they could ship them home.  The soldiers asked, if they did not take them what was their fate.  The soldiers were told that the war was over and the government no longer needed them they would be destroyed.  So my father shipped "ELF" home and my family's love for the German Shepherd began.  This love between a soldier and his canine partner forged a love that would never die for such a NOBLE breed in our family.  We have always had German Shepherds in our home and I could never see not having one.

What Our Goals Are With Breeding

Our goal is to produce Healthy, High Intelligence, Medium Drive, Great Temperaments with Large Bone for guardians of one's family and home.  We pride ourselves on having our puppies in home's with children of all ages, in home's of elderly people, and we even have dogs in home's serving as service dogs.  We do not breed the type of German Shepherd that was bred 110 years ago,  Meaning we do not breed High Drive (Hyper) over the top dogs that need a job.  As our live's today are not what peoples lives were 110 years ago.  In the beginning the German Shepherd was bred as a Herding dog.  The German Shepherd was to work all day long watching the livestock today I believe it is safe to say that most of us do not live on farms with livestock needing tending.  But rather most of us live in cities/suburbs/towns and work full time jobs outside of our homes who has time to wear out the dog when we get home.   We believe the dog of 110 years ago is not what people need or want today.  That is just our opinion.

How Are Dogs/Puppies Are Treated

Each of our dogs and our puppies are all on Sentinel (which is a heartworm preventative medication with de wormer and flea control) all in one monthly pill.  Our dogs and puppies are all microchip ed with HomeAgain and all our dogs and puppies go to our Lic. DVM  for all this and there shots.  We do not do any of our own vet care here at <TTS>  we believe anyone doing their own vet care is cutting corner's in the wrong area.  Our dogs are in our home with us they do not live in kennels outside.  They are outside a few hours a day to run and play with us and with the other dogs here.  

<TTS> To The Standard German Shepherds
P.O Box 356
Roscommon, Michigan 48653

Cell: (989) 390-1271
               Wendy is a Kind, knowledgeable breeder of German Shepherd Dogs.  It was my pleasure to purchase a male pup from her breeding of Gretta x Jerry Lee in May of 2008.  If you want an excellent GSD- you want <TTS> and Wendy is your best option in Michigan......"
- D. Dee, Glennie, Michigan