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We breed what we like and like what we breed and do so with GREAT PRIDE 

<TTS> To The Standard German Shepherds
P.O Box 356
Roscommon, Michigan 48653
Phone: (989) 275-6003
Cell: (989) 390-1271
Kimberly Fullerton Wednesday, 5/19/10, 6:15 AM 
There would need to be a new word in the dictionary to describe just how wonderful Wendy is! We could not possibly say enough great things about her. Our Judge German Shepherd is out of this world. Her compassion and knowledge about this breed is tremendous. You could not make a better decision ever, by choosing Wendy to provide a puppy to your family. I would go so far as to say the lucky ones get Wendy. Most Sincerely, Kimberly and Richard Fullerton 
From: Au Sable, MI 

Attached are a few pictures of Nighean that I told you I would send your way.  Sorry it has taken awhile to get them out to you.  Most of the pictures are from here in the yard and there are also a couple of Nighean in the house with her best friend Beaubien, a ten week old Boxer/Lab mix.
Best Regards,
Hi Wendy:

Thought I’d send an update on Jasper who is now 9 months old.  He’s as big as his “sister” Ruby who is now 2 years old.  What a great boy he is!  He and Ruby are best buddies.  They play rough in the back yard, chasing and barking and tumbling around, but the minute they come into the house, they are the best of pets and settle right down!  Ruby is vocal and sounds the “Shepherd alarm” if she hears a noise or senses danger; Jasper is quick to follow, as back-up, but not as vocal.   He is vocal when it’s time to eat – he has this bark that sound like he’s yelling at us to hurry up and get his food ready…then he dances around us as we carry his bowl to his spot!! He loves to be near us and for a big dog, is very gentle as he sneaks up on the couch to cuddle next of one of us!!  Thank you for such a great doggie with the perfect temperament for our family!

Take care,
Erin Sullivan


I am so sorry- when you called last time, we were at the grocery store, so I immediately forgot to send you pictures. Whiskey is doing great- he is going through a phase where if left alone in a room, he will chew on the windowsills and trim. So I’ve left work for a little while, to train him better and keep him busy. Luckily, since we have a very active cat, Whiskey is occupied by being chased by him during the day. And since he is used to such a small animal, he does great with other dogs, puppies, cats, and kids. Cody loves Whiskey. He always says that I did such a great job in getting him a best friend. Whiskey was the perfect addition to our little family 😊

I’ve attached several photos for you- I know it’s later than I said I would, but here they are!

Katelyn Dingman
Kelly Barta

Hey Wendy. Going great! She's passed out on the floor right now. After 3 days we settled on the name "Boo"- seems to fit. Vet went fine, no problems- everyone just thinks she's the cutest thing ever. Really, she's a great dog. Very smart, even tempered, relaxed. She loves to chew... So we're working on teaching what's ok to chew and what is not. We've started working on some basic commands like wait, sit, and down. She's getting it. Is very leery of stairs or steps of any kind, including getting in the car. But she's so clumsy, I can't really blame her for being fearful. We posted some pics on Facebook, I'll try and email you a few for your site.

Linda b.  
Aug 18 
Hi Wendy,
Jackie is doing really well, even if I have to work long days, she is potty trained, and is in love with her new tennis ball shooter,worth every penny(GoDogGoInc.com),really wears her out. She is a beautiful dog and certainly very loyal, we look forward to snow,cause she is a winter baby! Take care, hope all is well.John,Linda,Sierra and Jackie(Princess)
Diesel and his buddy at the dog park.  Here is what Donielle posted on facebook 

Had to share this! Diesel at the dog park. He loves the little dogs! Lol they dont love him as much...
Danielle Robinette We love him already. He greeted his 10 new siblings with no problem or fears at all. We are pretty sure we are gonna call him Danian, we are trying that name for a couple days to see if it suits him. He is following me everywhere & im trying to keep Ron away from Damian so they don't bond before I do. Thanks Wendy, Damian is amazing. Slept all the way home. Thanks so very much 
Unlike · Reply · Message · 1 · December 12 at 3:22pm
Trooper with his vet for his first puppy check up after David got him home.
Here is Troopers dad Shiloh Dee what a handsome boy he is.
Here is Scout in our DOG FANCY AD what a beautiful girl
Donna Ellison‎TTS German Shepherds
August 2 · 

Wendy there is not a day I'm not thankful for Gibbs. He I'd a blessing in more ways than one. He is a constant comedian. And I know you said when I picked him up, that Jerry Lee hits his offspring with the smart stick, but I didn't know how hard you meant. And so handsome. — feeling blessed.
Kelly <kelaron@y.com>
6:44 PM (19 hours ago)

to me 
Hi Wendy,
Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to welcome one of your puppies into our world. We appreciate your love of the breed and your concern when finding appropriate human parents. Our baby, Scout, is smart, happy and healthy. Although we do not have children of our own, we are surrounded by nieces and nephews and babies of all sizes. Our home is busy with friends and company and Scout has always found her comfortable spot near the action, but never intrusive. She is an awesome traveler, as she has a second home on Mackinac Island. She travels by car, ferry, horse taxi, plane and even snow mobile. Just don't leave me, mom and dad! We are so very happy. Thank you.
Kelly Coates and Ron Mindy

Sent from my bat phone

David Dee
5:52 AM (8 hours ago)

to me 
Wendy, December 30, 2015

As usual, your well-bred German Shepherds are still bringing much joy and benefit to me.

Thinking back over 8 years ago when I bought my dog, Noah, from you, and when he developed an anal gland problem causing me the grief of having to put him to sleep... Well, you then gave me another pup, Shiloh, at no charge! Amazing!

Now, having a pup, Trooper, from my Shiloh and your Marley, what a great history between us!

Waiting for one of your puppies, no matter what litter results from your breeding of your different dogs, it is well worth it.

Thank you for working hard to breed GSD's to the standard of what a GSD should be!

You are my trusted source for a quality German Shepherd Dog. I know it takes a strong-willed person to handle this very special breed, but you offer the right stuff in all of your breedings. 


David Dee 

Ann Szymanski <peirogi17@.net>
Dec 30 (1 day ago)

to me 
Hi Wendy!
We had been searching for a reputable breeder for some time. From our first conversation I knew we found the one! You took the time to answer all our questions and gave advice that is very helpful. You want what is best for your dogs and I could tell how much you love them and care for them.
It's been quite a journey this year waiting for our puppy. After Rumor lost her litter we decided to wait for the next one. When you called to tell us that Marley had been bred, we were so excited!
Even more so when you called with the news that the puppies were here!
Things happen for a reason. We now have a healthy, happy puppy. Frieda was meant to be with us! She is confident and loves her belly rubs!
The wait was worth it!
We look forward to sharing pictures and stories with you as she grows!
Thank you again for everything!
The Szymanski Family
ZacharyandNicole Bailey <zacharynicolebailey@yahoo.com>
6:48 PM (19 hours ago)

to me 
To Whom It May Concern:

I have purchased two dogs from TTS German Shepherds/Wendy Bird. The first dog I purchased was Major. He is almost three years old and the smartest dog I have ever met. He is of sound health and behavior, everything you would ever want in a shepherd. He is gentle to family and friends yet I never have to worry when my husband works late, as he says “Major is there to watch you”. Major is also my epilepsy assistance dog, always there to help me in my time of need. Truly a once in a lifetime best friend.
Trooper is the second dog I got from TTS. He just turned one year about a month ago. Trooper is so kind and smart. He follows my Husband and I from room to room and will not let us out of his sight. Trooper and Major get along great with not only each other, but with other dogs and cats at our animal hospital. They often go from cage to cage of hospitalized patients almost as if they are trying to comfort the sick animals and help us nurse them back to health. Both my dogs are loved by all who meet them.
I work as a veterinary technician in an animal hospital, and they both come to work daily with me and interact with the clients. Their loving nature, high intelligence, and solid temperaments have convinced even the most skeptical clients who are afraid of big dogs that German Shepherds are a great breed. I get asked at least five times daily where I got my dogs from because someone always wants their own “Major” or “Trooper” for their family. What can I say; these two can warm anyone’s heart.
When I was first looking into getting a shepherd, I called dozens of breeders. Wendy was the first breeder to talk to me as a person and not just as a person buying a dog. She was extremely knowledgeable and wants to make sure each of the new owners knows what goes into being a German shepherd owner. Wendy even went as far as driving four hours to deliver Major to us and meet us. We were very impressed. She wants each of her pups to have their “forever home”, and from first phone call to after getting our second dog from TTS, whenever we have a question or need advice, Wendy is always there to help. She is a kind and compassionate person and breeder; she truly looks at each dog as one of her own kids and cares for them as such. One of the coolest things is the TTS Facebook page where TTS owners past and present can connect and share photos and stories of our babies. When the thought of getting our second dog, there was no doubt we would go back to TTS for a second furry family member.
I would recommend (and do so on a daily basis) that anyone looking to get a German Shepherd should seek out Wendy and TTS. You not only gain a dog, but you gain a lifelong friend in Wendy. Her knowledge and expertise on the breed will make you feel at ease and make owning your own German shepherd a wonderful experience.

  Nicole J. Bailey
Trooper (Marley x Shiloh's first litter) and Major best buds.  Both of these boys are TTS puppies

Donielle Jent
September 28 at 8:02am

Wendy you did perfect picking the best puppy for us! He is great with the kids and he is so smart!
Donielle Jent‎ to TTS German Shepherds
July 3 · 
Wendy heres an update! Diesel is amazing! We couldnt have asked for a better companion! He is a pillar in our family and has become our protector! He loves playing and is getting more cordinated finally! Lol He was such a clutz for a while! He is weighing in at 92 pounds! He learns everything so quickly which is a blessing! Thank you again for giving us such a wonderful dog!
Nicole Bailey‎TTS German Shepherds
May 29 · 

Major 2 Years old and Trooper 6 months. Major is 99lbs and Trooper is 63 already.! Both have the sweetest temperament and are the best of friends. They recently got a new pool to play in so once the weather clears up I'll post a video of them playing in the pool,it's too funny. Thanks again Wendy!

From: Paul Killen <pkillen@.com>
To: Bird Wendy <birdw50@yahoo.com> 
Sent: Sunday, February 17, 2013 4:58 PM
Subject: Kobie (Jerry Lee x Libby puppy)


I just wanted to tell you how thrilled we are to have one of your dogs. Caitlin and her fiancé moved in with us due to the economy. This, of course, included Kobie. Kobie will be 6 this spring and shows no signs of arthritis and hardly seems to age. Just a hint of gray about the muzzle. She occasionally is a bit stiff after a heavy workout chasing squirrels because she likes to jump up the trees after the pesky squirrels. She gnaws at the bark at the peak of her leap leaving marks not too unlike deer scrapes. Winter is her favorite season and she loves to play in the snow, bounding like a gazelle, pouncing on sticks that have blown off of the trees. Her unbridled enthusiasm gives us endless pleasure. I will try to capture some side views so you can see her in all her glory but here is a headshot. 
11:02 AM (9 hours ago)
to me 
Hi Wendy,it's me linda crockett.we had quite a scare with Jackie,she had an ear infection and her paws were sore,that seemed better then she could hardly get up,they tested for everything,finally he took X-rays and they showed she had swollen joints,in her legs,needless to say she is on steroids and is on the mend😊,we love her soooooooo much and she is a very good dog,hope all is well with you and your family ,that's it for now ,thanks,
Hey! Kane is doing amazing...he's a feisty little shit but obedience training is going well. He was potty trained really fast. Crate trained extremely fast he goes there when he wants a nap or a break lol. He is getting big time socializef bc we take him along so that's going great and of course everyone who sees him loves him and wants him but they can't have him. 😀 I am glad u mentioned registering the chip bc I definately forgot so I will do that tonight.
Bella is beautiful. Her ears are up, she is 40+ pounds as of her last Dr. Visit. She is teething again and is an absolute joy for Terry and me. She is rarely without a ball in her mouth and will play with the ball for hours and hours each day. She keeps one ball in her mouth, uses her paws to bring us a second ball for us to throw, and when we throw it for her, she chases it and returns it, again using her passes to kick it back to us. It never ends, she never tires of it and if we stop playing, she thinks over the ball looking back and forth between us and the ball she wants thrown.
‎Diane Wilson‎ to TTS German Shepherds
March 7 · 
TTS German Shepherd thank you so much for breeding such wonderful dogs!! We love our little Ruger so much! I have to admit it is an adjustment having a puppy in the house. He did ok Saturday night in his crate. Sunday night, though, was really tough. It sounded like he was being tortured. We listened to that for an hour. Then I took him outside and put him back in his crate. Same reaction. He was not happy. Then I remembered a tip I read, put something that smells like us in the crate. So I threw my t-shirt in there. Bam! He settled down and slept to 5:30.
Morgan Brown Martin added 5 new photos.
February 19 · 
So proud of my Emma Bear:) She wanted to take the lead on Hanz at Lowes!! He was great with her. #dogwhisperer Ava wanted to take the lead with Sven at the park. He also did a great job listening. Thanks Wendy for these two pups!
Tank X Aslan Male
Black/Red/Tan Saddle Back
Macie X Aslan Male
Black/Red Saddle Back
Macie X Aslan Female
Black/Red/Tan Saddle Back
Tank X Aslan Male
Light Sable
Macie X Aslan Female
Black/Red Saddle Back
Ears are up. We call her Stitch too. That her her other personality. From disney lelo and stitch. She talks a ton, especially when picked up. Stitch is the alter ego that shreds rolls of toilet paper and empties the toy box all throughout the house. She stays out all day with jasmine in the house. We have a camera and can watch them during the day. Mornings are relaxation time on the couch or chairs. Afternoon stitch comes out. She started sleeping in Hunter's room. She cuddles up in an old ruge fabric beanbag in a blanket. She is great.
Josh Cass‎ to TTS German Shepherds
2 hrs · 
This is our Capo, he will be 5 months on June 2nd. He has been amazing. We had him at a friend's house and they have a little property to work with. We decided to see what happened if we took him off the chain 100%. He was perfect!!

This pup has been amazing with children, other dogs, and seniors. He is almost off "Kennel training" completely, as he's up to about 3 or 4 hrs unattended. Capo continues to impress and we could not be happier.