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COMMENT'S FROM BILL:  Thanks Wendy I love Barron.  You never pressured me into purchasing a pup and you answered all my questions.  I know I can call you anytime with any questions I have about BARON.  You handled everything GREAT and how I would describe my experience with Wendy at <TTS> is SUPERIOR, EXCELLENT< CONCERNED and EITHICAL.  The one thing that will stand out in my mind is You, Wendy I would recommend you to everyone who asks about a Good German Shepherd.  Wendy would NOT place a pup just to make a sale she cares where the pups go and to whom they will be with.  Thanks Bill, Colorado
In order for a long coat to be produced in a litter, both parent's must carry the recessive long coat gene.  This coat factor comes from the beginning of the breed when the dogs used to start the German Shepherd breed were more "Collie Coated".  During the development of the breed and the standard it was determined that this coat was not water proof for the dogs out tending the herds.  Also the long hair that grows between the pads on the feet also hindered their ability to do their work in the winter as snow would pack on the hair between their pads.  

The SV standard did not allow them to be bred, up until just a few months ago.  Now Long Coat German Shepherds are allowed to be shown and breed surveyed.  
What the above paragraph's mean is that unless 2 dogs have the recessive long coat gene they CAN NOT produce a long coat puppy.  So if you have a long coat (a long coat carrier) and a short coat (non carrier) you will not get a long coat from that breeding.  Yes even if one of the parent's is a long coat itself, BOTH MUST carry the recessive gene.
Example:  Jerry Lee IS a long coat recessive carrier even though he is a short coat German Shepherd.
Example:  Libby IS NOT a long coat recessive gene carrier.  So when Libby and Jerry Lee are bred together they WILL NEVER produce a long coat puppy.  This because one is a carrier and one is not a carrier, even though both are short coats.
Does this mean that all puppies that 2 short coat German Shepherds that carry the long coat recessive gene will only produce long coat puppies?  No, they will produce usually more short coats then long, but not always.  
Example:  Onis IS a long coat recessive gene carrier.  So when she is breed to Jerry Lee we have long coat puppies. Yes, even though Onis is a short coat German Shepherd as is Jerry Lee, they both carry the long coat recessive gene.  Therefore we know that a long coat or two will be in their litter's.
What Is The Difference Between A Long And Short Coat German Shepherd
There are a few difference's between the short and long coat German Shepherds and they are one's you can see.    

1st is the length of coat they need more grooming
2nd is the coat texture long coat's are soft coated and do not repeal water (they are a sponge)

3rd is the long hair that grows between their pads on their feet this in the winter needs to be trimmed or snow balls up making it difficult for them to walk.

These are the only difference between the long and short coat the difference's are all visable there is no genetic difference's between them.