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Onis x Jerry Lee
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COMMENT'S FROM HEIDI:  The one thing that will stand out in our minds was the joy on my son's face when we got BOLT.  We would like to get another pup this fall from you.  Heidi

COMMENT'S FROM CHARLIE:  "TRIGGER" is doing great the first day he fell in love with his little girl and loves to play with the kids.  His second day he attended a party and played with the kids they were haveing a great time both TRIGGER and the kids.  Thanks Wendy       Ashley and Charlie
COMMENT'S FROM AMY & JASON:  Stanley is a great pup he is so smart he picks things up so quickly.  Shortly after we picked up Stanley we lost our older shepherd.  Stanley has made that loss a little easier.  Everything that was told to us was correct and nothing miss leading on the Web either.  The words we would use to describe you is very caring, loves the breed and devoted.  Were so happy with him thanks Wendy.  We have already recommended you to other people.  Amy
COMMENT'S FROM ROB & PAULA:  "Nikoma" is a bueatiful and smart GS puppy.  We liked your calls.  It was nice to see how the other pups were doing too.  I liked being able to ask questions about her ears.  What will stand out is your web site and being able to speak with you for details on the pups and parent's, we like your web site even now.  We like seeing the pictures and progress of all the other pups.  "Nakoma" was the right choice for us considereing our older dog was in the mix too.  She will need some extra help with socializing but I think we are doing all the right things to help her along.  We would recommend you to other people, you care about breeding healthy, good dogs.  We would describe you as knowledgable & concerned about your GSD'S.
COMMENT'S FROM STACY & WAYLON:  We are happy with "Fraya", it was nice to have a reputable breeder close to home.  You answered all our questions and we feel we can call you anytime with any questions we have.  The phones calls you made were nice, it was nice to know you cared about how "Freya" was doing.  The care package was nice there was nothing missing from it.  Compared to other breeders you were much more caring about were your puppy was going.  The things that will stand out in our mind is the follow up phone calls and you deleivered her to us so our son could pick her out (Waylon had knee surgery and could not travel).  You were right on with "FRAYA'S" personality and we feel confident you would not have placed her just to make a sale.  We have already recommended you to other people.  The word we would use to describe you is CARING.  "FRAYA" is doing really well she is so smart!  She loves to swim in Lake Superior and playing fresbee.

COMMENT'S FROM ROCKIE:  I would most defiantly recomment anyone who would like a GOOD  german shepherd puppy to check out TTS.  Wendy is very knowledgeable about the breed.  She is very caring of her puppies.  I purchased a female pup from Wendy (TTS) on 04-24-09.  She is wonderful.  I LOVE HER.  Wendy was so helpful I called her about everything and she always helped me with all my questions.  Wendy is one breeder who is not in it just for the money.  But to breed happy @ Healthy puppies and she puts them in good homes.  She is still there for you after you pick up your new friend she is still there to help anyway she can. SO IF YOU WANT A GOOD PUPPY AND A FRIEND FOR LIFE CHECK OUT <TTS> YOU WON'T GO WRONG.  Thanks Alot Wendy, Rockell
e-mail received 08/08/09     Hello Wendy, I just wanted to e-mail you now since I can and give you an update on Trigger. He is a complete blast and a pleasure to have.  We all have fallen in love with him, and he has blended right in with our hectic life.  The guy is so smart that sometimes I think I would have been better off to have a dumb dog, but he has his own personality and loves to get huged and petted.  He can open all the doors in the house and is really protective of the kids.  His temperment is great, he enjoys other people besides our family, and still loves playing with other dogs.  His baby teeth it seems are almost gone, thank god.  He really didn't chew anything when my wife and kids were gone, cause there was nothing sitting around, but when they got back it was game on for toys, so the kids learned if they didn't want anything chewed up they better pick it up.  As far as physically he weights 50lbs and still growning, the brown is starting to come through his shoulder's and his face, he has lots of energy, and loves to relax with his family.  The funniest thing is to watch him eat, he is lazy, he will lay on his belly and eat, when the food get low he will turn his head and dig into the bowl.  So all and all we love him and are very thankful for your help getting him, we would have never wanted a different dog, he is a 10 out of 10!  And here are some picutes of him Sincerely  Charlie
COMMENT'S FROM BILL:  Thanks Wendy I love Barron.  You never presured me into purchasing a pup and you answered all my questions.  I know I can call you anytime with any questions I have about BARON.  You handled everything GREAT and how I would describe my experience with Wendy at <TTS> is SUPERIOR, EXCELLENT< CONCERNED and EITHICAL.  The one thing that will stand out in my mind is You, Wendy I would recommend you to everyone who asks about a Good German Shepherd.  Wendy would NOT place a pup just to make a sale she cares where the pups go and to whom they will be with.  Thanks Bill
                Hi Wendy,  This is Jessica D. (Buck's Mom).  First of all I just wanted to tell you that Buck is doing wonderful !!  He is a very beautiful dog and so smart!  He is by far the best German Shepherd we have ever had.  Everyone is in love with him, he makes us laugh all the time.  I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful dog.  We love him so much we want to add another one of your dogs to our family.
Thank You, Jessica D.
E-MAIL RECEIVED BY AUTUM:  Alice had her first vet visit today.  Everything checked out great.  The vet says she is normal and healthy.  We made sure we gave her the Sentinal, however our vet says she doesn't carry that brand but she has many other heartworm/flea/tick medicines to choos from.  We have another appointment on the 9th for her to get her booster shots.  Alice is already 14.2 pounds and getting so big.  We are having a blast with her and my grandparent's feel like they are on memory lane whenever they see her.  She is already such a big part of our family.  Thank you for everything, talk to you soon!
E-MAIL RECEIVED BY AUTUM: She is growing up so fast! She went to the vet and got spayed. Alice handled the surgery very well and she is all healed up now. She is taking classes at PetSmart and learning so fast I can't believe it! I am completely amazed. She is a wonderful part of our family. She already knows how to; sit, lay down, get off, shake, roll over, stay, drop it, leave it, and come when called and shes only 16 weeks!!! In my wildest dreams I could never have imagined such an incredible pet! I attached a couple of pictures and here are a couple of youtube videos. Hope all is well
E-mail Received From Kelly:  Hi Wendy,  Just a quick note to let you know that AXEL did great on the car ride home.  He seems to be adjusting well.  His night wasn't too bad last nite- only a little crying.  And he has been going potty outside already!  All is well and we will keep you uptodated on his progress.  He is a charmer- we are all crazy about him!  Thanks again for everything!  Kelly G.
E-mail Received From Kelly:Dear Wendy,  Just a quick update on Axel. He is doing so well! At his 12 week vet check up he weighed in at 29.6 pounds! He's going to be a big boy.  We love him dearly and thank you so much!  Kelly

E-MAIL RECEIVED FROM AMANDA   .Hi Wendy. Just wanted to give you an update on Bruce. He is doing GREAT! He is so smart. He is completely potty trained. He walks over to the door and looks at me when he has to go. He has picked up on tricks too. He can roll over, shake, speak, etc. He is very eager to please. He loves Chase and follows him everywhere. They are definitely right for each other. Thank you so much. Talk to you soon. 

E-mail Received From The Sullivan's:  Hi Wendy:  Just wanted to let you know that Jasper had a action packed day and he's still going strong.  I'm sending some pictures.  He got a little bath when we got back to the cottage.  Spent lots of time getting to know his big sister, Ruby, met lots of family members who came up for the day, took lots of naps, had a long ride back to the city (he's a great rider), went over to my brother's house for dinner and is now getting acclimated with his create.  He's coming out of his shell nicely.  Does a great job of potting outside and is not at all afraid to play with Ruby and take her toys from her.  We will keep you posted as the days go on......   Thanks for such a wonderful puppy!  The Sullivan's
Onis X Lion
Sable Male
Onis X Lion
Blk/Red Male
Onis X Lion
Sable Female
Onis x Lion
Sable Female
Hi Wendy!
Hope everything in your neck of the woods is going well. As promised here are some new pics of Val that I snapped this morning. She is an amazing dog! I have been ill and home bond for pretty much this whole summer and my .little girl has never left my side. It doesn't matter if I'm in the yard, taking a shower or even trying to make supper. She has just recently figured out that she has a voice and can be heard. We have a railroad that is directly behind the house and she has never yet barked at one of the workers, they are amazed at what a beautiful well behaved german shepherd she has tuned into, as they have been lucky enough to watch her grow over the months. 
She is amazing with other animals, as she weekends at times on my daughter's horse farm. She is a natural herder and tries to keep the farm geese and ducks in Val's allocated spot for them.  "squeaky" as she is know by my daughter "is the best german shepherd i have ever owned".
She is a little bit of a digger, and since our home was built in 1875, she has dug up old blue mason jars the were about a foot down, when she starts digging you know that there is a treausre down below, now only if she could find the coffe cans with the money in it!!!
Val is very inquisitive, very out going and extremely friendly. She had a little difficulty adjusting to the "little people" in our family, but once she realized that they weren't going to hurt her, they became hers. Someone would be  in a world of hurt if they tried to get between Val and her "little people", Pretty much she has enjoyed a summer of leisure and fun, she is such a couch potato in the house, except when she thinks it's tennis ball time and then you could lay on the couch while she rounds up all her balls and gently places them on your body till you give in. 
She has been an amazing addition to our family in so many aspects it's hard to even begin where. I knew she was going to be a wonderful dog when we came to look at her, but she has surpassed my expectations. I really don't know what I would have done without her this summer. She has been an awesome companion, and has watched out for me in the past months when I was down. She has never left my side and is there to help me up when I need to stand or sit, she's learned to pick things up for me when I can't reach them.

Now the only question I have, is shoudl we get another one for her as a playmate??? So if you ever have one that needs placement, please think about us.
Oh, she weights about 62 lbs and is all front legs. 


Dawn Goerlitz
Hi Wendy!
Just wanted to let you know that we have made it home, and of course the cat is a little ticked off at us. We have decided to name the little girl Val. She is settleing in very good for just being home for a few hours, but already my husband and I have fallen in love with her little personality.
It was a pleasure meeting you today. Thank you for breeding a wonderful pup!