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<TTS> German Shepherds
P.O Box 356
Roscommon, Michigan 48653
Phone: (989) 275-6003
Cell: (989) 390-1271

                       Wendy is a kind, knowledgeable breeder of German Shepherd Dogs.
It was my pleasure to purchase a male pup from her breeding of Gretta and Jerry Lee in May of 2008. I named my dog, "NOAH, and he is about 4 1/2 months old now.  Wendy has kept in touch with me and made me feel free to run any issues by her whenever I have a question!

If you want an excellent GSD - you want TTS and Wendy as your best option in Michigan (as well as a great place and person for those living outside of Michigan) for acquiring an outstanding GSD in temperament, health, appearance, and abilities.

Sincerely,   David Dee, Michigan