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Hi Wendy
Here are jus a few  pics of Luca I have taken over the last couple of days feel free to post on your website.  Also, we had a great day today – Luca pranced around the house like she owned it.  she carried her toys all over & even took to sitting by the terrace on her own.  If I had to sum it up today she was a bit more independent – I think it coming from being more familiarized with the house and me.  Also at about 10:00 PM she was napping so I picked her up and put her in her crate – she played with me a bit while in there.  Once I closed the door she howled for say 10 minutes but then she settled down and has been sleeping since.  I am not sure if during the night I should wake her to go out and potty or if I should just let her sleep.  When she was in my bed she did go about 8 hrs without going to the bathroom.  Prior to going to her crate she did in fact potty (urinate and bowl outside) – let me know what you think even if I apply to tomorrow night 
Talk to you soon

Andrea sent you a message.
 Andrea LePageDecember 15, 2010 at 9:41am
Subject: Good Ol Elmer!
Good Morning Wendy! Or should i say goodnight? Just a couple quick updates on ol' elmer. he has been a great little puppy. I have to thank you for taking all the work out of it. I'm going to remember this for next time ;). He goes to sleep at night like it was a dream.. Last night He work me up twice at 3am and 5am... My alarm was set for only a few minutes more.. only if he could have held it. As soon as i put him down tho last night in the snow from when he was whinning and woke me up.. he didn't even move he just started peein on the spot. HA i thought that was cute.. He is really starting to liven up alot.. Loves playing with toys. I'm so impressed how well he can entertain himself. The last couple puppies i've seeen grow up must have been dumber than a box of rocks and wouldn't even play with toys. Oh but he has a thing for toes. Ouch! does he have a thing for toes.. :) But when he nibbles i try my best to give him a toy replacement and so far the disraction works well. He has been everywhere too.. I don't care i bring him in to all kinds of stores.. He's met alot of people and a lot of dogs already... He must have been able to tell My cousins dog was a shepherd b/c he took to her a little different than any other dog he had met.. it was pretty cute.. Pullin on her tail and being all fiesty with her.. Oh well you have a good day and thank you much Wendy... Hope your enjoying all the photo's were putting up on facebook. 
Gary Andrea Kaitlyn and Elmer 
Hi Wendy 

Shay is growing so fast and very smart. It only took 20 mins. To teach her how to sit. Thanks Wendy for everything.

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for the email. Elvis is doing very well. He's going to be beautiful as an adult. He's growing like weed. He was at the vet last week for his 3rd round of shots and weighed 32 pounds! Pretty big for 12 weeks. He's been doing very well with house training. No accidents in several weeks. He chews A LOT.  Keeping him focused on appropriate toys and away from hands, feet, socks, shoes, magazines, etc. has been a challenge, but he's been gradually getting better. Do you have any good tricks for training them not to chew? I'll try to send some photos tonight or tomorrow night

Take care,

David Patton
Hi Wendy,  

      It’s been awhile since I’ve talked with you.  Jerry Lee is now a year old.  He loves the water.  It is such fun to watch him play in his little pool everyday.  From the day we brought him home, he has been a lover.  Easy to work with. Potty trained quickly.  But I guess the most impressive part was when my husband had back surgery, Jerry Lee was very attentive to him.  So gentle. It was as if he recognized that he wasn’t well.  He stayed by him and if he needed something, Jerry would get me.  Jerry was seven months old at that time.   I’ve noticed this in other situations, too.  My neighbor has an older lab that Jerry visits daily.  She has arthritis. Jerry seems to know the days he can push her to run with him and play ball and the days that she is in pain.  On those days, he just lays by her, puts his paw on her shoulder (it looks like he is giving her a hug), and kisses her.  My neighbor is trying to get a picture of that.

     I also wanted to tell you how much we appreciated your many contacts with us!  I was impressed with those and appreciated your support with the puppy training.  But, I also felt that the  attention you gave us let me know how much you care about your dogs.  That was important to me.  We were strangers when we bought Jerry Lee, and your caring let me know that Jerry had come from a loving environment.  That is probably why he is such a sweetheart.  

     He has not had any problems physically.  Our vet says he is a very healthy guy. His next visit to the vet is in October.  I may take him in to have him weighed again sooner than that.  I know he weighs more than 90 lbs., but need to be more specific for the correct dosages of heart worm meds.

     Thank you so much for all your support, the valuable tips, and most of all for allowing us to purchase your puppy! I’ll send more pictures soon.

     Darlene Stroh
Bella x Jerry Lee
Black/Red Male Long Coat