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Sentinel is a heartworm preventative.  ALL our dogs are on heartworm preventative all year round.  Our puppies are on it well before they are born, and at 6 weeks of age get their first pill.  They also leave us with the next size pill for our customers to give them when they reach that weight.

Sentinel is also a de wormer.  This once a month pill does Whipworms, Hookworms and Roundworms.  All our adult dogs are on Sentinel year round, and our puppies are also on this medication.  None of our puppies leave our home without already receiving a Sentinel and one to go home with.

This medication is only obtained by a LIC DVM.  This medication is not only important for your dogs well being but also for you and your family.  Check the charts below to see why Sentinel is so important.
Why Our Dogs And Puppies Are On SENTIENAL
Cycle Of Round Worms
Cycle Of Hook Worms