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Hi Wendy, here are a couple pictures of Toby with the boys and us on Easter Sunday.  I swear though he has grown since then!  I will make sure you get some more pictures as we take them!  I got home from Miami last night about midnight and had to spend some quality time with Toby right away.  I missed him! He is doing great.  I did register his microchip this morning.  Will talk to you soon.  Thanks for everything.


Hi Wendy,

I just had a moment to drop you a line.  We named our new puppy Max…or should I say the girls named him on the way home from picking him up.  He is so lovable and has adapted very well to his new home.  Steve takes him to work every day that he works on our rental properties…he has a smaller cage for travel and a large one in our bedroom at home for the evenings when we are sleeping.  He has stopped whining at night unless he needs to go out.  He loves to chew and play…especially with our 5-year old Granddaughter.  He is making himself a big part of the family and learning the rules as he grows.  He eats well and loves his treats!  I will send pictures when I get a chance!

Enjoy your week!

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                     Hi Wendy,

Wanted to drop you a quick line.  Toby had his first well puppy appt.  He weighs 13.3 lbs!  The vet says he looks great.  Toby is adjusting awesome!  He is sleeping less and playing lots more!  We will soon be starting puppy classes.  Toby loves to go out in public – he stops to say “hi” to everyone.  He loves the park and going to my parents house on Sunday’s.  Potty training is going well.  He has an occasional accident in the house but mostly when he is playing hard.  I promise to get you some pictures soon.  I have some on my camera but haven’t downloaded them yet.  The whole family loves Toby.  He’s my little buddy!  Talk to you soon.  Thanks for everything!