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This photo shows you just how we get the head and body shots of the dogs.  We spent  a few hours and took almost 700 shots to get a few that would be ok not great shots but ones that would be just ok.
"MACIE" is our girl from our last litter with Cara and she looks like her mom, and she acts like her mom.  "MACIE" is a beautiful black and red saddleback, she is confident, out going, medium drive (NOT BOUNCING OFF THE WALL WITH ENERGY) and she is willing to please.  She is 1/2 West German Conformation Lines and 1/2 Working Lines.  She loves people wither her own or one's she just met, she is always looking for hugs and belly rubs.  Yet, she is protective of her family both the 2 legged and the 4 legged one's.  Her first response to something or someone new is never aggressive she checks things out which takes her no time at all once she feels all is well then she figures everyone is here just for her personal pleasure of belly rubs and of course hugs LOT'S OF HUGS.  She is OFA'd Good Hips and Normal Elbows.
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