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<TTS> To The Standard German Shepherds
P.O Box 356
Roscommon, Michigan 48653
Phone: (989) 275-6003
Cell: (989) 390-1271
SJ Madison‎TTS German Shepherds
February 26 · 

Nala is getting spoiled. We are so happy that she has joined our pack. Thank you for our 2nd TTS German Shepherd and preservation of the breed. Thank you for letting us temperment test too. She is a wonderful addition!

We decided to keep the Disney theme going. First Jasmine and now Nala (from Disney Lion King).

Macie  x  Aslan 
Black/Red/Tan Saddleback 



Teresa accepted your request.
Teresa Keefe
Bella is beautiful. Her ears are up, she is 40+ pounds as of her last Dr. Visit. She is teething again and is an absolute joy for Terry and me. She is rarely without a ball in her mouth and will play with the ball for hours and hours each day. She keeps one ball in her mouth, uses her paws to bring us a second ball for us to throw, and when we throw it for her, she chases it and returns it, again using her passes to kick it back to us. It never ends, she never tires of it and if we stop playing, she thinks over the ball looking back and forth between us and the ball she wants thrown.
Josh Cass‎ to TTS German Shepherds
May 28 · 
This is our Capo, he will be 5 months on June 2nd. He has been amazing. We had him at a friend's house and they have a little property to work with. We decided to see what happened if we took him off the chain 100%. He was perfect!!
This pup has been amazing with children, other dogs, and seniors. He is almost off "Kennel training" completely, as he's up to about 3 or 4 hrs unattended. Capo continues to impress and we could not be happier.
Here is our Sicaria she is the pup we chose for our breeding program.  Sicaria is a real love bug she loves everyone and is medium drive she is so not bouncing off the walls with energy.  Sicaria is our 2nd generation of 1/2 west german conformation lines and 1/2 working line and the mixing of lines is working wonderfully with the temperaments, drives, intelligence, solid structure and the beautiful black and red color.  
Honesty I really love this dog! She was meant to come to me for sure. My shadow!!!!
‎Hannah Luella Mae Goldberg‎ to TTS German Shepherds
May 14 · 
Henry William Goldberg at 4.5 months old and 44lbs. Such a good boy, we could not have asked for a better dog!

Kathryn Kucharek <kathrynkucharek@.com>
Jun 22 (8 days ago)
to me 
Hi Wendy!

I just wanted to write to you about my experience so far with Henry who came from Macie and Aslan’s second litter. From the day we came to pick him up he has just brought so much joy into our lives. He has a very relaxed personality and pretty much loves every person/animal he meets yet shows a protective side when necessary. I had no issues crate training or potty training him. General obedience came super easy to him. Show him one or two times and he has it. Currently we are working toward him being completely off leash obedient and also working toward getting his CGC. I’ve also been told by a few people he could make a great therapy dog because of his temperament. Henry is also great with kids! As you know I also have a 5 year old son and they are best friends. Wendy I can’t thank you enough for giving us such a wonderful dog and we will most definitely be getting another TTS German Shepherd in the future! :) 

Have a great weekend, 

Erik Mcnichol <emcnichol74@.com>
Jan 6
to me 

We just want to take a moment to update you on Pax and to thank you for your help bringing this wonderful puppy into our home. Pax is settling in very nicely and is proving to be everything that we had hoped for in a companion. Pax is well muscled, very proportionate for her age and has beautiful structure and coloration. Our veterinarian has noted that Pax appears extremely healthy and is a fine example of her breed. Her real beauty, however, is in her personality. Pax appears eager and quick to learn yet remains calm and relaxed when not being engaged. She is extremely affectionate, stays close by both inside and outside, displays good knowledge of her obedience commands and truly wants to be with her human "pack".

We are extremely proud to have been chosen by this dog as her forever family and cannot thank you enough for giving us that opportunity. If Pax is any indication of the dogs that TTS Shepherds produces I would recommend your breeding program to anybody ready to introduce a German Shepherd into their family..

Thank you again for the fine companion and all of the information and help that you have given us. You have always made yourself available to answer questions and give advise and we firmly believe that you have your dogs' best interests at heart. Making Pax, and ultimately TTS German Shepherds, a part of our lives has been one of our best decisions.


Erik McNichol
East Tawas MI

Jessica Wright <jwright888@.com>
to me 
after losing our girl Juno so sudden to a blood clot/aneurism Wendy was beyond kind and was willing to give us a new pup. we are so blessedl to continue to be part of the TTS family. Wendy is a true example of how breeders should conduct themselves and she only gives her pups to those that she knows is a rite fit for her pups. we picked up our Boy Negan on the 29th of September. He has adjusted well to three very rowdy Toddlers and a new Big sister who we rescued from our local Police Dept. his personality is blossoming every day and he is doing so great crate training and has only had one accident which was my fault because I was making dinner and not paying attention while he was playing with his boys.with all this being said I would highly recommend anyone looking for a great shepherd for their family I would say call wendy.We hope to be part of TTS family for a very very long time . Thank you Wendy for our new precious boy Negan Von TTS

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ZacharyandNicole Bailey <zacharynicolebailey@yahoo.com>
6:48 PM (19 hours ago)

to me 
To Whom It May Concern:

I have purchased two dogs from TTS German Shepherds/Wendy Bird. The first dog I purchased was Major. He is almost three years old and the smartest dog I have ever met. He is of sound health and behavior, everything you would ever want in a shepherd. He is gentle to family and friends yet I never have to worry when my husband works late, as he says “Major is there to watch you”. Major is also my epilepsy assistance dog, always there to help me in my time of need. Truly a once in a lifetime best friend.
Trooper is the second dog I got from TTS. He just turned one year about a month ago. Trooper is so kind and smart. He follows my Husband and I from room to room and will not let us out of his sight. Trooper and Major get along great with not only each other, but with other dogs and cats at our animal hospital. They often go from cage to cage of hospitalized patients almost as if they are trying to comfort the sick animals and help us nurse them back to health. Both my dogs are loved by all who meet them.
I work as a veterinary technician in an animal hospital, and they both come to work daily with me and interact with the clients. Their loving nature, high intelligence, and solid temperaments have convinced even the most skeptical clients who are afraid of big dogs that German Shepherds are a great breed. I get asked at least five times daily where I got my dogs from because someone always wants their own “Major” or “Trooper” for their family. What can I say; these two can warm anyone’s heart.
When I was first looking into getting a shepherd, I called dozens of breeders. Wendy was the first breeder to talk to me as a person and not just as a person buying a dog. She was extremely knowledgeable and wants to make sure each of the new owners knows what goes into being a German shepherd owner. Wendy even went as far as driving four hours to deliver Major to us and meet us. We were very impressed. She wants each of her pups to have their “forever home”, and from first phone call to after getting our second dog from TTS, whenever we have a question or need advice, Wendy is always there to help. She is a kind and compassionate person and breeder; she truly looks at each dog as one of her own kids and cares for them as such. One of the coolest things is the TTS Facebook page where TTS owners past and present can connect and share photos and stories of our babies. When the thought of getting our second dog, there was no doubt we would go back to TTS for a second furry family member.
I would recommend (and do so on a daily basis) that anyone looking to get a German Shepherd should seek out Wendy and TTS. You not only gain a dog, but you gain a lifelong friend in Wendy. Her knowledge and expertise on the breed will make you feel at ease and make owning your own German shepherd a wonderful experience.

  Nicole J. Bailey