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<TTS> German Shepherds
P.O Box 356
Roscommon, Michigan 48653
Phone:(989) 275-6003
Cell: (989) 390-1271
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Libby x Jerry Lee
Gladwin, Michigan
Libby x Jerry Lee
Bill and Cindy
Midland, Michigan
Libby x Jerry Lee
Sue, Bill and Scotty
Birghton, Michigan
Libby x Jerry Lee
Livonia, Michigan
Libby x Jerry Lee
Coral Springs, Florida
Libby x Jerry Lee
Jerry & Marty
E. Tawas, Michigan
Libby x Jerry Lee
Russ & Linda
Gaylord, Michigan
Black/Tan Female
Libby x Jerry Lee
Katie, Charlott, Michigan
Sable Male
Libby x Jerry Lee
Grayling, Michigan
Libby x Jerry Lee
Lisa and Zach
Buckley, Michgian
Jerry Lee x Libby
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Libby x Jerry Lee
Light Sable
Libby x Jerry Lee

Gaylord, Michigan
Libby x Jerry Lee
COMMENT'S FROM KATIE:  I am very happy with Stewey he is a great dog.  Nice to know you cared about what happens to your dogs, the care package was great thank you.  I would describe you as a Great GSD breeder.  Thanks Wendy, Katie
COMMENT'S FROM RUSS & LINDA: Wendy Lily is a super dog my kids and wife just love her.  She loves the water and playing we alllove her thank you for such a good dog.  We would highly recommend you to anyone who wants a GSD.  You care and you love your puppies and where they go the calls you make after the sale is great thanks for answering all our questions.  We will only get our nest GSD from you Wendy.  Thanks Again, Russ
COMMENT'S FROM KENDRA:  My experience with Wendy at <TTS> German Shepherds was a great one!  I love my new german shepherd "ZUES".  He's one awesome dog and I would recommend <TTS> German Shepherds to anyone that I come in contactt with that's interested in getting a german shepherd.  AWESOME experience. Kendra S.
COMMENT'S FROM MARTY & JERRY: Thank you Wendy for not selling us the 1st pup we wanted (Andy's Brother) you were right about Andy and his personality.  Andy is wonderful as we are older we really didn't need a high energy dog.  Andly likes to go out and run with the others and play with us but he comes in and is layed back.  Andy is one smart guy our customer's highly enjoy him and are also intimidated by his size (120lbs) and his bark.  His present's helps keep the bad guys away, we are safe with Andy close by.  Thanks Again, Marty and Jerry
COMMENT'S FROM LIZ:  Wendy thanks for breeding such a great dog Libby and Jerry Lee did a AWESOME job just plain AWESOME.  Taylor loves our daughter she is her Guardian, Playmate, Best Friend and her Protector I never have to worry about my daughter when TAYLOR is around.  She is a great joy to all the family simply the best.  I would recommend a Libby x Jerry Lee pup to anyone.  Liz
COMMENT'S FROM SUE:  It's hard to think of Rockie as a purchase she's a member of the family.  She's such a sweet girl we could really feel how much you love your dogs.  She came home totaly spoiled with all the toy's and health care products.  Wendy went way beyond what the average breeder does.  We would ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY recommend you and your dogs.  Thanks for a great experience.  Sue
COMMENT'S FROM PAT AND TERRY:  Gage is a great dog.  Smart, beautiful and a great part of our family.  Thanks Wendy
COMMENT'S FROM IAN:  I'm very happy with Mavric, the whole process was very easy and fit into my schedule.  The calls you made was just enough, it was nice to hear from you and know that you were still concerned about his welfare and how we like him.  I liked the fact he was microchipped, I would have this done for all dogs.  I also liked the fact that he was started on Sentinal I knew when I got him he was in GOOD HEALTH.  The care package was great and it was a nice starter kit for Mavric.  Everything went GREAT it was very smooth.  I will remember always the flight home with Mavric, he was so small then.  Only 19lbs then and now he weighs 125lbs.  You were right about Mavric's personality and I would and do recommend you and your dogs.  If you want a dog that will be in good health, with a great temperment and honest people to deal with, this is the place to go.  Thank You Wendy Mavric is a big part of my family and I should have gotten his sister too.  Ian
COMMENT'S FROM LISA:  We love our "GRACE" so much.  She is such an awesome addition to our faimly.  She has grown into such a wonderful dog.  I have attached a recent few pic's of her.  The pool pic's are so funny.  The purple pool "belonged" to my daughters.  But Grace loves the water so much she took it over.  She loves the sprinklers and the creek that runs through our property.  She lalso loves going boating with us as well.  If she see's us putting things in the boat she will not leave our side.  We are very happy with her.  Our whole family loves her.  So much that my father in law is interested in getting one of your pups.  But he wants one with the same parent's as our "Grace", Libby x Jerry Lee.  Thank You - Lisa
COMMENT'S FROM CAITLIN:  Koby is doing good she is a wonderful addition to our zoo.  She walks and runs along side me when i ride my horse.  Thank You Caitlin
COMMENT'S FROM ASHLEY:  Ashley Friday, 5/7/10, 7:29 PM 
 Wendy, Thank you for breeding FAMILY/PET German Shepherds. Most people don't have a flock of sheep in their backyard so they dont need a high energy working dog to protect their livestock. Many families have children, work full time and have busy lives. They want a loyal, protective yet friendly dog that their friends and neighbors can be around without concern. They dont have time to 'work' their dog for hours each evening to burn off the energy. They want a beautiful, smart German Shepherd to be in their home as a part of their family. So many breeders produce HIGH energy working dogs. Their dogs may be beautiful and smart but will be climbing the walls without a job (or worse, eating the walls!) We LOVE being able to run, hike, swim, and play with our dog. Hes up for anything! we also love spending a day inside, curled up reading a book, playing a game or just doing chores without worrying that hes going to get into trouble because hes bored. Hes just as happy to hang out inside with us as he is running and playing outside. People just dont have the same needs they did when the German Shepherd breed was created. Thank you for breeding outstanding, healthy, beautiful shepherds with moderate energy levels that fit into almost all family homes. Your dogs are amazing as is your love for them. Thank you! 
 From: Mi 

Baldwin Family
Lansing, Michigan
Libby x Jerry Lee
 Hi Wendy, wanted you to know that Winter is doing GREAT!! 10 months old and 114 pounds she takes up my whole bed now, no she¿s not allowed up there but somehow she¿s very light on her feet so I don¿t feel her sneaking up with me. I'm thinking I should try her dog bed lol =) I so love that she loves the water, I go swimming with her nearly everyday, sometimes I keep her on a long line because she is interested in the Loon. She also has her big girl bark now and I feel so safe having her around. Funny when I first got her in December, she fit to walk under her full grown sister Lilly (Irish setter) and the other day Lilly walked under Winter!! She is so big and beautiful; I'm looking forward to her 18 month checks. She is such a happy dog, when I look at her I just can't believe I'm the one blessed to have her. You (and Anthony) picked out the perfect puppy for me and my lifestyle. She is just awesome!!! I can't thank you enough.... Dawn & Winter   From: Michigan 

Hi Wendy it's Faith... here she is.. thanks I just love her she is a doll.  We are having alot of fun she sleeps in my room every night, she even goes into her crate by herself to sleep or rest sometimes. 
Talk to you soon 
Hi Wendy it's Faith ...here she is ..thanks I just love her she is a doll.  We are having lot of fun she sleeps in my room every night, she even goes into her crate by herself and lays down to sleep or rest sometimes.
Talk to you soon.
Faith                                                                  Faith,       Michigan 
                                                                     Jerry Lee and Libby Pup                         
Hi Wendy,
This is Connie, Faith and all of us are loving Callie... We had some computer problems lately and just today went and printed out a disc with recent pictures of Faith and Callie I am actually planning on emailing you with them tomorrow.  I rarely ever...get on this email so sorry it's been so long responding to you.  
We just had Callie in for her check up last week shes just tipping the scale at 70.3  She's a joy and a lil stinker too. 
Thanks for writing and I will send them to you in the morning..

Faith and Connie and family
I just wanted to tell you how thrilled we are to have one of your dogs. Caitlin and her fiancé moved in with us due to the economy. This, of course, included Kobie. Kobie will be 6 this spring and shows no signs of arthritis and hardly seems to age. Just a hint of gray about the muzzle. She occasionally is a bit stiff after a heavy workout chasing squirrels because she likes to jump up the trees after the pesky squirrels. She gnaws at the bark at the peak of her leap leaving marks not too unlike deer scrapes. Winter is her favorite season and she loves to play in the snow, bounding like a gazelle, pouncing on sticks that have blown off of the trees. Her unbridled enthusiasm gives us endless pleasure. I will try to capture some side views so you can see her in all her glory but here is a headshot.