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<TTS> German Shepherds
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Roscommon, Michigan 48653

Phone: (989) 275-6003
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                   We love our Rockie.  Wendy we could tell how much you loved your dogs.  Our whole experience was wonderful you call to check on her to see how she is doing and see if we have any questions......"
                                                                              Sue M. Brighton, Michigan
Jerry Lee head shot this spring 2012
Spring 2012Jerry L
Jerry Lee at a year old
spring 2012
Spring 2012  Hey Anthony Just Throw The Ball Buddy PLEASE
Winter 2011/12
Jerry Lee winter 2011/12
Jerry Lee at 2 years old
Jerry Lee at 2 years old
OMG  He's going to get it again what is with that?  This sucks they throw the ball and he always gets it.
Hey guys can you put him up so we can have a chance to get the ball please
"Jerry Lee" what can I say about this AWESOME guy.  He is highly intelligent, has beautiful pigment, large thick bone, large blocky head, a lover of all children and he pass's this all on to his offspring.  You can see what Jerry Lee has produced on our past litter page.  You can see his offspring on LIBBY, ONIS, BELLA, MIA, GRETTA and NATALYA's past litter page.  

Jerry Lee is laid back, NOT high drive (NOT  bouncing off the walls), quiet, not a barker so when he does bark everyone gets up and looks.  Jerry Lee is the sire to 40 plus litter with us and other breeders.  He is consistent on what he produce's solid temperaments, high intelligence, loyal, structurally sound and beautiful pigments.  His offspring do well with families with children of all ages.  Jerry Lee can, will and has scaled a 8 foot wall and he makes it look effertless, he is light on his feet and we think he has springs in his leggs.

Jerry Lee's human is Anthony my son who is 15 going on 35.  Where you find one you will find the other and it has been this way for 7 years.   My son is very lucky to be owned by such a friend, guardian, protector and at one point babysiter.  To see Jerry Lee's pedigree you can go to pedigreedatabase.com

ANDY a Libby and Jerry Lee puppy
Daisy Gretta and Jerry Lee 9 months old
Daisy Natalya and Jerry Lee
ELMER Bella and Jerry Lee puppy both GSD's are TTS Shepherds Elmer is the bigger guy of the two
Jerry Lee JR Bella and jerry Lee pup
Maxwell  Mia and Jerry Lee boy
Miles Onis Jerry Lee puppy
Scout is one of Jerry Lee's puppies and you can see Scout in our Dog Fance Ads
STEWEY is a Libby and Jerry Lee puppy
Bo Libby and Jerry Lee puppy
Kobie Libby and Jerry Lee puppy
Juno Bella and Jerry Lee puppy