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Fostering Program
How the fostering program works here at <TTS>.   

<TTS> German Shepherds
P.O Box 356
Roscommon, Michigan 48653

Phone: (989) 275-6003
Cell: (989) 390-1271
What the fostering program is, we sometimes have females that we want to keep in our breeding program but want them to be with their forever home.   How does this benefit someone interested in fostering a <TTS> German Shepherd?  Well this works well for a family looking to have a pure bred German shepherd without the cost of purchasing one.  This puppy would be the fostering families pet.  The foster family will raise the puppy and be responsible for the food, vaccine's, exercise and training of puppy along with any vet care the puppy/dog needs THAT IS NOT RELATED TO BREEDING.   

OK so this is how the FOSTERING PROGRAM WORKS.  We decide to keep pick puppy out of one of our breeding for future breeding we place that puppy with the foster family free of charge.  Basically we only will have the female when she is health tested which <TTS> pays for this testing done by our veterinarian.  The puppy/dog is then returned to the fostering family, once test results are back and if said puppy/dog pass's we will then decide when we will breed her.  She will come to our home for the mating and then returned to her foster family for 6 more weeks.  Two weeks before she is to whelp she is to come back to <TTS> to whelp her litter.  The foster family receives the monies from one puppy to cover expense's that said puppy/dog incurs, this is done each time she whelps a litter.    When <TTS>  plans a breeding we will provide 6 months worth of heartworm preventative with dewormer for the fostering families puppy/dog.  And <TTS> will pay any vet bills incurred with the breeding of the puppy/dog.

If the puppy/dog does not pass any of the health testing then the puppy/dog will be spayed or neutered at the expense of the fostering family.  Once that is done and <TTS> has received conformation from a vet then AKC papers will be given to the foster family and the foster family will own the puppy/dog.

What The Requirements Are To Become A Fostering Family

Vet Reference
Own Your Own Home
Stable Employment
Live Within 80 Miles from us
Be Willing To Transport To Or From <TTS>  (when we cant)
Willing To Allow Puppy/Dog To Be Put Under For Testing
Willing To Sign Contact In Lawyer's Office

Bhotan Von TTS is a male in our fostering program.  He is out of our Libby and Jerry Lee breeding and he is OFA Excellence and Normal Elbows
Bhotan Von TTS in our foster program
Bhotan Von TTS enjoying the lake with his foster family.
Qutar Von TTS call name Chewey in her foster family home.  She is out of Unda and Lion she is a long coat.
Rumor Von TTS along with Bhotan Von TTS with their foster family
Rumor Von TTS
If you are interested in becoming a foster family and feel you have what it takes please feel free to give us a call.